Saving Kampung Siam

If you drive too quickly, you will miss Kampung Siam, a small village situated behind Pulau Tikus police station in Penang. Back in 2014, this 200-year-old Siamese village was slapped with an eviction notice by landowner Five Star Heritage to make way for a hotel project. Apart from the 17 houses that were threaten with demolition, the land dispute also involved a Siamese cemetery and a Burmese temple.

In reality, the land, where Kampung Siam is located, was given to the Siamese and Burmese settlers by the British in 1845 and was held in trust but was sold without their knowledge.

Why is it important for Penang to save Kampung Siam? Read Saving Kampung Siam (2014)

Article: Saving Kampung Siam (2014)
: myPenang, the official website of Penang Global Tourism

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