5 Super Fun Weekend Dates with Your BFF in Hong Kong

When it comes to nailing down the perfect weekend, you can always count on your BFF to keep things fun and exhilarating, more so in a bustling city such as Hong Kong. From theme parks to spa sessions that you girls will enjoy, there are no better ways to appreciate the company of your best friend who knows you best.

1. Theme parks
Hong Kongers may be known for their hustle and bustle, but they sure know how to let loose. Amusement rides and theme parks are everyone’s favorite place to score some smiles, and the best person to share the rollercoaster experience with is your BFF. Head over to Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park for an amusing Sunday on the carousel and outdoor rides.

2. Pilates class
If you and your BFF enjoy a good workout session, take up a pilates class in Hong Kong for some fitness fun. Apart from improving your strength, balance, and flexibility, a pilates class can also double as a great bonding time between you and your girlfriend.

3. Afternoon tea
Weekends are the best times for catching up, and everyone loves to exchange conversations over some scones and Earl Grey tea. There are a variety of cafes and restaurants in Hong Kong that offer affordable afternoon teas. Better yet, surprise your BFF with a trip to their favorite bakery for a round of cakes and coffee.


4. Spa Day
Is there anything more relaxing than a day at the spa? Better with your best friend, as you know you girls deserve to unwind with aromatherapy body massages and petals-adorned jacuzzi. If you and your best friend decide to take this spa day further, top it off by getting matching manicures and pedicures together.

5. Shopping
A weekend date with your bestie definitely warrants for an ultimate retail therapy experience and what better place to do some shopping than in Hong Kong! A little indulgent with your shiny platinum card won’t hurt anyone. The best thing? You can always count on your best friend to give some amazing style tips and trusty fashion advice.

A weekend getaway with your best friend is always exciting and worthwhile. Having a fun companion who knows how to cheer you up and encourage you to let loose adds a refreshing perspective on your days beyond Friday night. From enjoying afternoon teas to relaxing spa days, there are plenty of fun weekend ideas to explore with your BFF in Hong Kong.

This article has been edited and accepted for publication in Jan 2017 by Hotcopy Asia.

Featured image by green_intruder on Flickr