5 Luxurious Ways To Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day comes along and you find yourself without heart-shaped chocolates and massive rose bouquets, don’t fret! Truth be told, being single on Valentine’s Day in Singapore has plenty of perks, and all of them are dedicated to celebrating how fabulous you are. If you’re looking for luxurious ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, here are some things to do that will make you feel the love for yourself:

1. Spa Day
Surviving the most romantic day of the year in Singapore requires a lot of relief, so treat yourself to the best spa getaway in town. Let your masseuse pamper you from head to toe and allow them to soothe your tension and worries away. Trust us, you will step out of the spa feeling grateful that you have so much time for yourself.

2. Beauty Treatments
When Valentine’s Day knocks on your front door, show off that single’s glow thanks to the luxurious beauty treatments you had the day before. You can score a session anywhere in Singapore, so book for microdermabrasion session, lift therapy treatments, or aromatherapy facials on this special day. Afterward, tell the world that you don’t need Valentine’s date to look your absolute finest.

3. Wardrobe Update
Remember that gorgeous red dress you saw at the mall last weekend? We say leave your excuses at home and hit the shopping mall to update your wardrobe. The reward from your retail therapy will not only make you feel beautiful on the outside but inside too. Yes, the same rule applies to that branded handbag you’ve been eyeing on.


4. Weekend Getaway
If the sight of lovey-dovey couples annoys you, Valentine’s weekend is a great time to hit the road for a girl’s trip to a new city. Whether it’s a cultural getaway or a shopping weekend, you and your besties decide the course of your holiday. Trust us, you’re going to have so much fun that you will forget that it’s Valentine’s Day.

5. Fancy Dinner
Why sulk at home with a tub of ice cream when you can take yourself out for an expensive three-course dinner? Skip Valentine’s Day and book a seat at your favorite restaurant the night after for your gastronomic treat. For dinner, match the fanciest main course with your favorite dessert, and enjoy them with a glass of wine. The best part of this dinner date? You can savor it all to yourself.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a singleton in Singapore is hardly a daunting experience. With radiating positivity and the right mindset, you can make the best out of this special day with a relaxing spa day, a fun girl’s getaway, and an expensive fancy dinner. Isn’t loving yourself the best love of all?

This article has been edited and accepted for publication in Jan 2017 by Hotcopy Asia.