Career Choices That Go Trending With The Rise of Tourism in Malaysia

In recent years, the tourism industry in Malaysia has hit new high thanks to the arrival of international tourists in the country. Coupled with aggressive tourism campaigns and affordable travel deals, Malaysia has joined the ranks with other Southeast Asian neighbors as a widely favored destination for travelers across the continents. Brimming with multi-ethnic cultures, unperturbed rain forests, and tranquil sceneries, every kind of traveler will feel right at home in Malaysia. Ultimately, with the country’s rising popularity comes to a wave of job opportunities that forms an interesting shift in the tourism industry.

1. Hospitality and Customer Service
One of the effects of the rising tourism industry in Malaysia is the positive shift in the local hospitality landscape. With more tourists pouring out of the arrival halls, every sector, ranging from accommodation to ecotourism, are gearing to provide the best hospitable experience for their guests. Keeping travelers happy throughout their time in Malaysia requires the presence of experienced customer service and hospitality professionals. If making others feel right at home is what you do best, there are plenty of hospitality jobs in Malaysia that are ready to have you on board.

2. Digital Marketers and Social Media Specialists
An organization’s social media pages say a lot about their presence in the travel industry. Today, modern travelers are relying on social media and online reviews before deciding on an accommodation, restaurant, or attraction to visit in Malaysia. If you’re a job seeker with digital expertise, you can pursue digital marketing and social media as your career choice. Additionally, the increasing popularity of mobile applications in the travel industry has also spurred a demand for app and web developers.

3. Local Business Enterprises
Tourist attractions in Malaysia may be gaining notoriety, but more travelers are moving towards discovering hidden gems in places such as Kota Kinabalu, Terengganu, Kelantan, and Johor Bahru. One of the best things about this travel trend is an untapped opportunity for you to delve into local business enterprises. Choose a business idea that suits your capabilities, such as running a family restaurant, becoming a local tour guide, or managing a bed-and-breakfast hotel, and then turn it into a full-fledged business. By being a part of the local community and monetizing your entrepreneurial skills, you can think of yourself as the ambassador of the Malaysian tourism industry.


4. Nature and Ecotourism
One of Southeast Asia’s best treasures are the pristine beaches, unperturbed nature, and lush rain forests, which Malaysia proudly has in their backyard. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that ecotourism is a thriving sector of Malaysia’s tourism industry. More and more travelers are hiking Mount Kinabalu, trekking across Taman Negara, scuba diving at Sipadan Island, and exploring the cultural village in Sarawak. Thankfully, you can tap into the ecotourism’s rising popularity by taking up a career opportunity as a wilderness ranger, tourism officer, nature conservationist, scuba diving instructor, or nature tour guide.

The upside of Malaysia’s booming tourism industry is the increasing career opportunities for job seekers like you. Ranging from hospitality and ecotourism fields to digital marketing and entrepreneurship, you can definitely contribute your part in bringing out the best of Malaysia’s travel landscape.

The article has been edited and accepted for publication in Jan 2017.

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