Realising Excellence

Five Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur (TIS Kuala Lumpur) students recently received the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, marking the school’s continuous success in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Yip Song-Ling (Mathematics), Lee Cheol Hee (Additional Mathematics) and Sylvia Ling Zeqi (Chemistry and Chinese as a First Language) made the school proud with the Top in the World awards.

On the other hand, Asaad Ahmed Ghulam Nabi Athar (First Language English) and Shreya Dristi (Global Perspectives) earned the Top in Malaysia awards.

TIS Kuala Lumpur observes a few golden rules to provide its students with academic excellence and a holistic experience.

The first rule is to give passionate learners a learning environment to flourish. At TIS Kuala Lumpur, encouraging students to be enthusiastic, inquisitive and self-motivated is the fuel that leads to a better classroom experience.

The second golden rule is to cultivate global citizens among students. To create a better understanding of the world, TIS Kuala Lumpur emphasises the learning of global themes.

“Being a global citizen is about learning to be culturally aware and a critical thinker who questions why certain issues are happening. To do that, you need critical awareness and research skills,” says the school’s principal Peter Wells.

Another rule to live by is becoming a respectful and caring individual. Through a range of extracurricular activities at TIS Kuala Lumpur, students learn to respect the community and environment.

Lastly, shaping resilient students is vital in the TIS Kuala Lumpur learning environment. Adapting to today’s ever-evolving environment. Adapting to today’s ever-evolving environment requires students to be articulate and analytical learners.

To nurture top achievers in an ever-changing education landscape, it is the responsibility of parents and educators to see students as unique individuals and mould them into passionate learners, respectful and caring individuals, globally aware citizens, resilient individuals and responsible leaders.

While the Outstanding Learner Awards achievement continues to echo the hallways, a strategy is underway to raise the bar in the next IGCSE.

“We have our teachers looking at examiner’s reports, seeking feedback from students and building upon what works. It is about learning what we’ve done in the past and continually pushing the boundaries further. That way, we will continue gain success,” adds Wells.

This article titled ‘Realising Excellence’ was edited and published in The Star’s Bright Kids on 6 June 2017. Click here to view its original news article.