8 Exciting Outdoor Adventures All Thrill-Seekers Have To Try In Australia


Between the crashing waves of Bells Beach and the chirping tropical rainforest of Daintree, there are a plethora of outdoor adventures lurking around the corner. If you’re ready to re-energise your soul and rejuvenate your rebellious side, Australia is the destination to go to feel alive once again.

1. Pick Up Surfing and Ride the Waves

Perched at the rim of Queensland and Victoria are two favourite spots for surfing and they’re Noosa Heads and Bells Beach respectively. Surfers would prance over to the beach on any crisp and sunny weather to practice their aerial, barrel and other surfing moves. With a scenic landscape like that, who wouldn’t want to call these beaches their playgrounds?

2. Experience a Dive in Australia’s Famous Snorkelling Paradises

Give yourself a fresh perspective of the world we live in by exploring the cerulean landscape of Ningaloo Reef and the Great Barrier Reef. These two snorkelling paradises are scattered with a party of colourful corals, exotic fishes as well as friendly manta rays and turtles. Ningaloo Reef is a marine destination that is famous for whale shark sightings (April to July) while Great Barrier Reef is widely frequented for coral gardens and tropical fishes (June to December).

3. Take A Leap of Faith with Tandem Skydiving

Outdoor adventures are seemingly incomplete without the mention of skydiving. It may induce fear in most, but for the brave few, it is a life changing experience they wouldn’t trade for anything else. If you’re curious to try this exhilarating activity, take the first step by signing up for tandem skydiving where you’ll be strapped onto a professional skydiver. The best spots to free fall from 14,000 feet are New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

4. Appreciate the Wonders of Australian Nature through Day Hiking

Better than a walk in the park is a day hike at Kings Canyon and Great Ocean Walk. While Kings Canyon offers a landscape of sandstone domes and weathered rocks within the Watarrka National Park, the Great Ocean Walk presents a beautiful trail of breezy cliff-tops and rocky seashores. When the weather is bright and sunny, head over to these natural gems with your loved ones and embrace the sceneries that is best appreciated in person than from a desktop wallpaper.

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