5 Secret Health Benefits of Oolong Tea that You Need to Know

Health-Benefits-Oolong-Tea-by-Cheng-Sim-2Credit: Matthew Henry via Unsplash

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the range of tea leaves whilst shopping, but if your weekend needs a relaxing pick-me-up, go for oolong tea. Favored for its varying scents, from aromatic sweetness to earthy notes, this traditional Chinese tea is packed with a variety of health benefits. If you’re curious about the benefits of oolong tea, these facts will have you reaching out for a cup of mountain oolong or green oolong tea, pronto!

1. Increase Weight Loss
Similar to green teas, oolong teas are healthy alternatives to heighten your metabolism rate and intensify your weight loss. Oolong teas allow the polyphenol compounds to rev up the fat-burning enzymes, thus increasing your body’s metabolism to burn your fats even faster than before. That’s a good reason why you shouldn’t turn down a cup of oolong green tea.

2. Lowers Cholesterol Level
Looking for more reasons to drink oolong tea other than for weight loss? Not only does oolong tea help in melting body fat away, it also can lower your cholesterol level. This is because of oolong tea, especially the best kind comes with a semi-oxidized component that is able to charge up the enzyme lipase. If you’re on a mission to control your cholesterol level, increase your everyday consumption of Chinese oolong tea.

3. Manage Diabetic Symptoms
Anyone with type-2 diabetic disorders is encouraged to savor oolong tea. Benefits such as adjusting the measure of insulin or glucose in your body will help to decrease the risks of buildup in your bloodstream. Sipping more oolong teas such as tie guan yin tea or wu long tea is also said to be a great alternative than the prescribed medical drugs.

Health-Benefits-Oolong-Tea-by-Cheng-SimCredit: Dai KE via Unsplash

4. Get Healthy and Luscious Hair
Has anyone told you that having healthier hair is one of the benefits of oolong tea? Enriched with high antioxidants, pick up some oolong tea bags and make a quick tea rinse for better hair care. If you’re thinking about where to get oolong tea right now, you’re not alone. I mean, who doesn’t want softer and shinier hair? Thankfully for us, nowadays it’s very easy to buy oolong tea online.

5. Beautify Your Complexion
It’s true when they say ‘beauty is skin deep’ and a glowing complexion is only a cup of oolong tea away. Fueled with anti-allergenic polyphenols, it does an amazing job in lessening skin irritation and reducing chronic skin conditions. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that the benefits of oolong tea include decreasing the risk of skin cancer.

There you have it! Imagine the abundance of health benefits you can get from a simple sip of oolong tea. Weight loss, metabolism boost, and shinier hair are one of the many fantastic facts about this Chinese tea. To buy oolong tea, online and retail stores are the best places to start. Healthier you is just one sip of oolong tea away!

This article has been edited and accepted for publication in Dec 2016.