10 Classic Southeast Asian Desserts You Need To Try When In Singapore

Aside from soaking up the culture and art scene in Singapore, savoring their local desserts is one of the best ways to complete your food adventure here. Whether you play for team savory or sweet, Singapore presents a variety of desserts that will surely please both palates.

1. Putu Piring
If you’re new to this tropical country, present yourself with the opportunity to try the popular putu piring. Prepared in a flat encasing that shapes like a plate (piring), these soft steamed cakes are made entirely from rice flour and served with a touch of gula Melaka and a generous amount of shredded coconuts.

2. Ice Cream Sandwich
Credit: Scott Dexter via Flickr

Sauntering up and down Orchard Road on a sunny day calls for some dessert intervention, such as the classic ice cream sandwich. Sold in a variety of flavors such as the all-time favorite chocolate to the unconventional durian (a hit with the locals), it is a delicious dessert that features a block of your favorite ice cream sandwiched between two fluffy pieces of bread. You can also have them between crispy wafers or served in a cup.

3. Ice Kacang
If you can’t beat the hot weather in Singapore, you might as well embrace them with the help of a local dessert named ice kacang. Available in most food centers, you’re very likely to spot many famished Singaporeans with this shaved ice dessert on their table. Brightly colored with sweet syrups, chow down the hill of shaved ice before it unveils a secret serving of red beans, sweet corn, palm seed, and agar-agar underneath.

4. RojakLocal-Desserts-in-Singapore-by-Cheng-Sim-2Credit: Alpha via Flickr

Once you have a taste of this unique fruit salad, you know you can’t find this local dessert anywhere else in the world. Finding them is easy and you can order a plate of rojak conveniently from any Mamak shop or food centers. If you can’t tell the ingredients from the very sinister yet delicious sauce, rojak is a tossed-up of cucumber, pineapple, turnip and bean sprouts, which is often smothered with shrimp paste and chopped peanuts.

5. Cheng Tng
Need another option to cool down in Singapore? Head over to the nearby food center for a refreshing serving of cheng tng (translation: clear soup). A popular Chinese dessert, there are many variations of cheng tng and the standard bowl will consist of white fungus, longan, sago, barley, and dried dates swimming in a rock sugar-sweetened soup. You can enjoy it warm or cold.

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