6 Essential Skills that Every Human Resource Professional Needs to Master

In recent years, the importance of operational productivity and employee’s efficiency in an organization has renewed the demand for human resource professionals in Malaysia. Beyond the need for academic qualifications, having brilliant communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and other attributes are instrumental in pursuing a career in human resource. While there are many human resource job vacancy in Malaysia, it’s best to acquire these skills to stay ahead in this highly demanding field.

1. Communication
The central communicator between managers and their employees is the human resource department. If you possess an outstanding communication skill, your talent in effective listening and empathy for others will shine through as a human resource professional. You seek satisfaction from leading a training session for new team members, arranging a seminar on productivity, and sitting down for a discussion with a concerned employee.

2. Conflict Management
When addressing a conflict in the workplace, the human resource professional is the go-to mediator between the two concerned parties. If you’re a problem solver with the ability to cleverly diffuse any tension, you will find a place in any human resource department. Finding a middle ground and solving issues are the things you do best when ironing out grievances and dissatisfaction. That’s because creating a healthy and positive working environment for your organization aligns with your professional beliefs.

3. Training and Development
The varying responsibilities of a human resource professional comprise training and development for employees. Paired with experienced coaching and mentoring, you can implement this skill by organizing seminars, training, and team building activities for your employees. As a result, it will significantly benefit your employee’s personal and career growth, as well as the organization’s performance value.


4. Organization
Just as important as having outstanding communication skills, possessing great organization ability is important for a human resource professional. Efficiency and planning are imperative to keep your varying paper works and pending cases on track. In a typical workweek, be prepared to find yourself balancing between recruitment, payroll, tax returns, termination, and salary negotiation.

5. Ethical
When managing personal information of every employee in the organization, confidentiality and discretion are two crucial elements to live by. The human resource’s code of conduct requires professionals to be ethical when dealing with personal information. Every file and paper works that contain sensitive information must be kept protected, and can only be accessed with necessary credentials.

6. Multitasking
It’s fair to say that every successful human resource professional is a great multitasker themselves. Managing both departmental responsibilities and employee’s welfare can feel overwhelming at work. However, with a combination of strategic planning and time management, everything from organizing team building activities to supervising interviews and recruitment are challenges that you can easily overcome.

The pathway to becoming a successful human resource professional requires a journey filled with proactive talents and effective skills to acquire and master. By practicing excellent communication skills, conflict management, and problem-solving skills, your career pursuit as a human resource professional in Malaysia will be a fruitful one.

This article has been edited and accepted for publication in Dec 2016.