6 Smart Hacks to Promoting Your Company Website through Digital and Mobile Marketing

Standing out in the age of worldwide web may be a challenge for business owners, but with digital and mobile marketing strategies, having a high-ranking website in the search engine makes it possible. Today, there are many effective ways to promote a company’s website, and here are some methods to keep any company ahead of the curve.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Ranking high on any search engine is one of the ultimate ways to create visibility for any company website. A very popular way for business owners to boost their website is by mastering the art of search engine optimization (SEO). Business owners can start by researching keywords that best represent their website and incorporate them naturally into a blog post or article. Another well-known SEO strategy is adding inbound links or backlinks into a piece of content.

2. Mobile Marketing
It’s safe to say that smartphones are here to stay and same goes to mobile marketing. It’s easy to spot someone glued to their smartphones these days, and that is a marketing opportunity that is waiting to be unleashed. Business owners can choose from various segments, such as mobile application marketing, in-game marketing, SMS marketing, and mobile image advertisements, to develop their digital presence.

3. Social Media Advertisements
Social media plays a huge role in today’s day and age, and reaching out to potential customers is way easier than before. Sponsored content, influencer, outreach and social media advertisements are some of the ways for business owners to promote their website effectively. However, the key is to create a content that is not only instantaneous but engaging as well.


4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay per click (PPC) advertising is also a brilliant way to drive website traffic. Perfect for business owners with a hefty budget, one can start by paying a small sum for every click received from their search engine advertisement. It sounds costly at first, but whenever a website successfully converts new visitors into paying customers, the company will receive more return and profit from their PPC investment.

5. Email Marketing
Another splendid way to increase a website’s traffic is by stirring up interests and curiosity through email marketing. Whether it’s promoting a seasonal sale or advertising a new product, email marketing will reach out directly to current and potential customers with this piece of information. Furthermore, this method will increase the company’s brand awareness and exposure, which may translate to brand loyalty in the long run.

6. Guest Blogging
For business owners with copywriting strengths, guest blogging is a great way to increase website traffic. Business owners must first identify their website’s niche and then, contribute a range of articles to other established websites of similar niche. The trick here is to add a website link in the author’s profile to draw new visitors into the business owner’s website. It will not only rises traffic but also turn the website into an authority of that specific niche.

When it comes to promoting a company website, some of the best methods derive from digital and mobile marketing strategies. Ranging from search engine optimization to social media marketing, mastering any of these skills will assist business owners to elevate their website’s presence in the digital realm.

This article has been edited and accepted for publication in Jan 2017.