4 Academic Options to Pursue a Law Degree in Malaysia

The increasing demand for lawyers in recent years has definitely ignited an interest among students to pursue a law degree in Malaysia. While many law students envision themselves in the courtroom, there are many branches of the law profession such as an arbitrator, a corporate counsel, a legal writer, as well as an advocate and solicitor. Taking up a law degree in Malaysia is the first step into a fascinating journey to becoming a lawyer, and there are plenty of academic options in Malaysia that will take you there.

Comparable to the GCE A Level qualification that is known in the United Kingdom, the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) is an academic certification that is internationally recognized in numerous foreign universities. Whether your interests lean towards art or science stream, both options are acceptable to support your journey to obtain a law degree in Malaysia. However, students are required to score a minimum of two principal passes and a Band 5 in MUET (Malaysian University English Test).

2. A Levels
The sought-after option by Malaysian students, excelling A Levels (Advanced Level) in private universities and colleges will be the foundation you need to become an aspiring lawyer. The four subjects that are strongly favored for earning a law degree through A-Levels are English, Foreign Language, History, and an additional selection of Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, or Psychology.


3. Matriculation
Another academic alternative to pursue your law degree in Malaysia is a preparatory program named Matriculation. Law students can opt for accounting stream that comprises compulsory subjects such as Mathematics, Economics, Accounting, and Management. If you’re planning to further your studies overseas, this pre-university certification is recognized in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

4. Diploma
Last but not least, getting a diploma will also take you a step closer towards your dream career choice. Most law students in Malaysia would diligently pursue a diploma in Public Administration, Accountancy, or Law in a public university before taking it further with an undergraduate course at University Malaya.

Whether you decide to pursue a law degree with an STPM certification or a diploma qualification, these academic options will definitely help you step into the right direction. Make it a reality because it’s time to land your dream career as a lawyer in Malaysia.

This article has been edited and accepted for publication in Dec 2016.