5 Ultimate Pick-Me-Ups to Power Through Your Day

In Singapore and almost all parts of the globe (especially in cities), it’s natural to be clouded by workweek blues and deadlines every now and then. If you’re shopping for pick-me-ups to keep your day going, it’s time to stock up these energy boosters to shake off your worries.

1. Coffee
Behind every productive morning is a hot cup of coffee, and this morning ritual has proven to be an effective choice thanks to its caffeine content. A mug of strong coffee is enough to spike your metabolism rate, sharpen your focus, and elevate your endurance.

2. Energy Drinks
Take on your day the way athletes would with a stash of energy drinks. Similar to coffee, the level of caffeine encased in every isotonic drink is capable of boosting your energy, increasing your productivity, and keeping your alertness in check. Luckily for us, there are a lot of energy drinks in Singapore to get us going.

3. Music
If you’re longing for a mood lifter, add an extra spring to your steps with some upbeat music. Crank up your favorite playlist, or play any adrenaline-pumping tracks to elevate your mood instantly. Not only does it have a therapeutic effect, music therapy of all kinds can increase jolts of happiness and reduce anxiety to a minimum.

4. Exercise
Set aside thirty minutes to an hour of your day for light stretches and exercises to keep your spirits up. Apart from the calorie-burning benefits, exercises are known to lower your stress level, enhance your brain power, increase your energy, and improve your overall health.


5. Green Smoothie
The best way to get the most out of the vitamins and nutrients from your favorite vegetables is green smoothies. Throw some kale, wheatgrass, lettuce, or cucumber in the blender and drink up! Aside from being a healthy energy booster, green smoothie can sharpen your focus and increase your mental clarity too.

If your busy day got the best of you, these pick-me-ups are always within reach. Regardless of a number of challenges you have on your plate, it’s always a good idea to stash a few energy drinks in the bag or have a mood-lifting playlist on standby.

This article has been edited and accepted for publication on Dec 2016 by Hotcopy Asia.