4 Simple Ways to Get Your Child to Eat Healthier


Every dinner table has its fair share of stories. The most relatable of all involves parents encouraging healthy eating habits among their children. Half of the battle is convincing your child that vegetables are good. The remaining half is preparing a plate of healthy goodness that is both appealing and appetising to your child’s palate. From improving your child’s brain and physical development to boosting their immune system, healthy eating comes with a variety of benefits. If you’re looking for ways to get your child to eat healthily, start with these simple tips.

1. Add attractive details

It’s no secret that children are easily attracted to anything colourful and delicious, which explains the attractive packing on most processed foods. From cereals to candies, all of them scream ‘Pick me!’ when your child browses the aisle. Take it as a cue to brighten your child’s plate or lunchbox with nutritious details. Start with simple steps such as creating heart-shaped sandwiches using a cookie cutter or a smiley pancake using raisins and banana slices. Inspirations aplenty when you search for ‘food decorations for kids’ online.

2. Prepare healthy snacks

If your child enjoys snacking, use it as an opportunity to introduce them to healthier alternatives. Skip junk food, potato chips or processed food. Instead, prepare healthy treats such as baby carrots or sliced fruits in ready-to-go bags. You can also bake oatmeal cookies or banana muffins that you can bring along for road trips, picnics and other family outings. Fruit-infused water and freshly-squeezed fruit juices are also better alternatives than soda and sweetened drinks.

Oops! This article doesn’t end here! Read the rest on Nexus International School Malaysia.

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