Eat Your Way Through Penang at These 13 Halal Eateries


Most of the true foodies we know enjoy the occasional road trip to Penang every now and then. Packed with street food that is equal parts palate-pleasing and budget-friendly, this food paradise is definitely one of our favourite destinations to go! If you’re planning a trip to Penang anytime soon, check out our ultimate halal food guide to Penang that we have compiled just for you!

1. Nasi Kandar Beratur

There’s a legit reason why this restaurant is called Nasi Kandar Beratur! ‘Beratur’ meaning queuing up in Bahasa Malaysia, consider your supper incomplete without the classic nasi kandar from this local gem.

Nasi kandar is one of Penangite’s favourite comfort food. With steamed rice drenched with your choice of curries, fill up your plate with side dishes such as fish, vegetable, mutton, or chicken! For other nasi kandar alternatives, try Restaurant Hameediyah on Lebuh Campbell and Kassim Nasi Kandar on Lebuh Chulia.

2. Roti Canai Transfer Road

Forget cereals and hotel breakfasts, guys! A morning must-have, Roti Canai Transfer Road is where the Penangites go for a wholesome breakfast of roti canai, roti bakar, and half-boiled eggs.

Stamped with purse-friendly prices, stick to the classic roti canai with curry sidekicks such as fish curry, chicken curry, or sambal. If a light breakfast is what you need, try the crunchy roti bakar set that is served with half boiled eggs.

3. Hameed Pata Special Mee Sotong

If you find yourself at Fort Cornwallis on a mid-summer’s day, keep your eyes peeled for a nearby food court that is home to the famous Hameed Pata Special Mee Sotong . This local stall is popular for two things: mee rebus and mee goreng.

Typically cooked in large batches to accommodate the long queues, we recommend going for the mee goreng that is deliciously stir-fried and topped with their signature sambal sotong. Just as yummy, the mee rebus comes with really thick gravy for foodies who prefer something sweet to match with the fiery sambal sotong.

4. Sup Hameed

Where do Penangites go to satiate their hunger pangs in the middle of the night? Sup Hameed is where they’re likely to be. This 24-hour food institution is best known for their hearty and appetising soups served with oven-baked bread.

Here’s the fun part! You can choose to play it safe and savour the classics such as chicken or beef soups, or be adventurous and take up cow’s tongue or stomach soup. Any of these soups pair well with a side of roti benggali.

5. Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

Ask anyone about their well-loved local dessert in George Town and they’ll definitely point you towards the old-school cendol from this little stall on Lebuh Keng Kwee! Founded by Mr Tan Teik Fuang in 1936, Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul is widely raved for their speedy service and great dessert.

It’s always another busy day in this little alley, especially on weekends where locals and tourists would beeline for a taste of this local dessert. If you manage to spot this original stall, it’s only befitting to try the Chendul Original, which is a shaved ice dessert served with pandan-flavoured palm flour noodles, coconut milk, gula Melaka, and kidney beans.

Oops! This article doesn’t end here! Read the rest on Have Halal Will Travel.

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