6 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Tips in Malaysia You Need to Learn Now

It’s the little steps you make towards living an eco-friendly lifestyle that leads to huge changes in the environment around us. It can be as simple as practicing water conservation and recycling pre-loved items at home. Embracing these eco-friendly habits in a progressive country like Malaysia is easy, and here are some easy ways to get there:

1. Travel with public train services
Switching your traveling habits from flying on a domestic airplane to taking the public train service can do wonders in reducing air pollution and carbon footprint. When it comes to long-distance travel in Malaysia, the folks in Kuala Lumpur rely on the high-speed Electric Train Service (ETS). Paired with amazing connectivity and affordability, do what the locals do and download the ETS timetable for convenient travel planning.

2. Practice water conservation
Little did everyone know, a huge amount of energy is needed to pump filtered water from the river dams to every single household in Malaysia. Hence, water conservation is an essential step to minimizing the use of energy. You can start by having shorter showers, brushing your teeth with the tap closed, and recycling water whenever necessary.

3. Purchase locally produce goods
When it comes to shopping in Malaysia, it’s best to fill up your shopping carts with locally produced food and products. Not only will this method reduce carbon footprint, but as a buyer, you’ll be lending your support to homegrown farmers. You can also practice a ringgit-saving step by planting your own fruits and vegetables in your garden.


4. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
The golden rule for eco-friendly lifestyle is to reduce, reuse, and recycle the goods we own. Whenever you have unused belongings to discard, it’s best to send them to the local recycling centers. When old belongings and appliances are disposed of outdoors, the underground water will be exposed to dangerous chemicals such as ammonia and oil, which will be hazardous to the health of others.

5. Stop littering
Littering is a negative habit that needs to stop for the benefit of a better environment. When you’re out and about in Malaysia, and there are no dustbins in sight, keep the trash in your bag and dispose of them when you arrive home. Aside from keeping the roads and sidewalks clean, your efforts will help to decrease the level of air pollution.

6. Invest in solar panels
Some of the best eco-friendly practices start from home such as installing solar panels on your rooftops and replacing your current light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones. With these simple eco-friendly tweaks, you will continue to have a brighter home but with lesser electricity costs.

When it comes to practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle, it comes down to you. Whether you’re planning to take on a new habit of recycling your old goods, shopping for locally produced goods, and investing on eco-friendly light bulbs, you’re on your way to creating a better environment for you and your loved ones.

This article has been edited and accepted for publication on Jan 2017 by Hotcopy Asia.