Healthy Food Deliveries in Kuala Lumpur

The secret to a happy lunch hour in the office is great food. While the occasional fast food deliveries and weekday chap fan (economy mixed rice) are decent, there’s always room to spice up your office lunch. If you strive for better desk lunches, here are some food deliveries in the Klang Valley that you and your colleagues can enjoy.

1. Dah Makan
Spearheaded by fellow foodie Jess, Dah Makan has been saving hungry folks and professionals from bad lunches for a few years now. Featuring MSG-free gourmet lunches and dinners, browse their online menu for their lip-smacking selections such as Chicken Chili Con Carne, Grilled Chicken with Pesto Penne, and Thai Red Fish Curry.

2. The Naked Lunchbox
Have you guys met The Naked Lunchbox? Serving hot meals sans artificial preservatives, added sugar, and artificial sweeteners, you know you’re getting the best stuff from their lunchboxes. Featuring a la carte and subscription options, their menu includes the Paleo Caesar, Pad Thai Salad, and Hiratake Forest. You can even order cold-pressed beverages and snacks on the side too.

3. Chopstick Diner
Hungry for crunchy greens and tasty snacks? Say hello to Chopstick Diner, guys! Delivering delicious yums straight to your work desk, their online menu is peppered with fresh selections of Summer Prawn Rolls, fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad, and Roasted Eggplant with Pumpkin Salad.

4. EPiC Fit Meals Co
With a promise of 45-minute food delivery, your orders from EPiC Fit Meals Co. will definitely crush those cold fast food deliveries any day. All orders are prepared individually by their in-house chefs and they’re known to serve delicious healthy versions of chicken schnitzel, gourmet pizza, burgers, and salads.

5. HALE, Healthy Fast Food
All hail the naturally delicious HALE, Healthy Fast Food! Promising fresh natural ingredients minus the artificial junk, you decide the turnout of your office lunch. Choose your base from the choices of a rice bowl, salad bowl, or burrito. Then, decide your protein selections such as mushroom, grilled chicken or grilled steak before you pick your fancy toppings and sauces. For a refreshing kick, wash it all down with cold-pressed juices.

This article titled ‘5 Healthy Food Deliveries to Call’ was published on Sevenpie in Mar 2017. Kindly refer to this link to view from its original publication.

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