5 Brilliant Ideas to Improve Learning at Home

It’s tricky to create a learning space for your child at home especially when it is associated with leisure and comfort. Once your child steps out from the classroom, it’s vital that their learning journey continues at home. Since there is homework to complete and revision to do, we believe that little things can make a difference. If you’re looking for ways to improve learning at home, you can start with these simple tips.

1. Minimise distraction at home
Creating a space with minimal distraction is the best way to ensure your child focuses on completing their homework and school projects at home. Begin by familiarising yourself with your child’s homework or studying hours. Then, keep the perimeter of their learning space as quiet as possible. If they like, play a mood-lifting or instrumental playlist. Since most distractions come in the form of electronics and social media, allow them to use it after they’ve completed their homework.

2. Take short breaks
Studying intensely for a long period of time can be mentally exhausting. Encourage your child to take a 10-15 minutes break between studying to keep their spirits up. Anything from stepping out momentarily into the living room or taking a breather in the garden can help them to relax. It is proven that indulging in short breaks can significantly sharpen your child’s focus and improve their memorization ability.

3. Create a study area at home       
To dedicate a space that is solely for learning, create a study area or homework station for your child. Free from distractions, the study area will motivate your child to get into studying mode whenever they need. Decorate your child’s learning area with books and stationery supplies. You can also hang up motivational posters for some words of encouragement.

4. Brighten up their notes
Children are naturally fascinated with bright colours, so brighten up your child’s written or printed notes with cheerful elements. This way, it makes the experience of reading and studying more enjoyable. Pasting fun stickers, using colourful highlighters and jotting down on post-its are the best ways forward. Your child can also use fancy folders to colour code their homework according to subject or priority.

5. Stay curious
Parents play a role in encouraging active learning at home. After your child has rounded up their studying time, encourage your child to share interesting facts about the subjects they’ve learned or solutions they’ve discovered. By doing so, it will improve your child’s memory and get them excited about your interest in what they’re learning.

Building a learning space at home can be challenging especially when distractions are aplenty. However, adjusting little things can improve your child’s learning abilities at home. Whether you need to minimise distractions or create a study area, these helpful tips can perform wonders in boosting your child’s learning experience outside of school.

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