5 Ways Travel Insurance Can Save Your Holiday


Travel insurance is such a hard thing to find in every travellers’ checklist. Passport, flight tickets and luggage rank high on the list, but a coverage doesn’t come into the picture until a travel nightmare strikes – missing passports, flight cancellations and expensive medical fees. As luck would have it, we all need travel insurance to cushion us from unforeseeable credit card fees and expensive bills. Whether you’re planning a solo backpacking trip to Amsterdam or a girl’s getaway in Bangkok, you’ll be surprised by the protection that travel insurance can give to turn any holiday nightmare into a relief.

1. Medical expenses

Whether you’re surviving a flu bug or nursing a minor accident, a trip to the hospital is a must when you’re abroad. In most cities, the medical expenses are high and will cost additional dent on your wallet. If you’re met with an accident, the level of your injuries might require further medical assistance too. Most travel insurance will cover the cost of it all, which includes emergency transportation, hospital fees and medical payments.

2. Loss of passport

It’s a nightmare to lose your passport during your holiday. Missing passports often occurred during sightseeing tours or while walking in crowded places. While it’s important to keep your travel documents safe, this holiday nightmare tends to be unavoidable. Generally, most travel insurance covers the loss of passport caused by theft. Trust us, it’ll come in handy when you need it the most.

3. Delay or loss of luggage

When travelling from one city to another, there’s a chance that your luggage didn’t make its way into the plane or got lost during baggage handling. It’s a troublesome experience to not have your personal belongings and clothes with you. To top it off, shopping for new sets of clothes requires additional spending too. Having a travel insurance will save the day. All you need is to save your receipts and supporting documents to issue a claim when you’re back home.

4. Flight delays

Somewhere in the bustling airport, you’re very likely to spot a traveller who waits for their delayed flight in agony. Since flight delays happened a lot during the seasonal period and school holidays, it’s best to stay prepared. Depending on your travel insurance, travel delays between 6-12 hours are mostly covered. Some travel insurances go as far as covering missed connecting flights and transportation due to flight delays too.

5. Home care

Home security, guard patrols and alarm systems may reduce the chances of robberies, but you never know when it strikes. The last thing you need is seeing your home in a mess and personal belongings missing after a holiday. Travel insurance is the safety net you need to cushion any misfortune that hit upon your home. Most coverage is not only limited to an event of a robbery, but also the damages to your home and content when you’re away.

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