6 Brilliant Reasons Why Music Lessons Are Good For Your Child’s Holistic Development

We all know that music can bring out the livelier side of us, but did you know that it can enhance your child’s holistic development? It is proven that music lessons have the ability to improve your child’s coordination, memory power, and self-confidence. If you’re curious to find out the benefits of enrolling your child in a music school in Malaysia, continue reading to discover more.

1. Expand their mathematical skill
Who knew that music and mathematics would make such a great match? Children who attend music classes are likely able to recognize math symbols better, the same way they identify music notes. This is because practicing an instrument or a song frequently will awaken a part of your child’s brain that is dedicated to mathematical solving. That explains why mathematician Albert Einstein is also an established violinist.

2. Strengthen their motor skills
When it comes to developing your child’s motor skills and physical coordination, it’s best to start young through musical training. Music schools in Malaysia will teach them the basics of strumming the guitar, beating the drums, and rocking out a ukulele. By putting these practices into action, it will greatly improve your child’s physical skills.

3. Encourage them to socialize
It’s always fun to see your child engage with friends of their age. Music schools in Malaysia give the freedom for young kids to meet and mingle, and unite them through their passion for music. From there, your child will learn to improve their social skills by sharing an instrument with their new friend and learning a new song together.

4. Educate the value of perseverance
Attending music classes is also an exciting way to educate your child on the value of perseverance and discipline. Similar to grown-ups, playing a new musical instrument requires determination and hard work before it becomes a skill. Apart from that, things like memorizing music notes and piano keys can also help to sharpen your child’s focus.

5. Develop their self-confidence
As a parent, you can view music lessons as an avenue for your child to cultivate their self-confidence. Whenever your child receives constructive comments from their music teacher, it helps to broaden their acceptance towards improvement. Performing on stage also encourages them to instill confidence in front of a crowd.

6. Introduce them to a new culture
Learning about various cultures is one of the upsides of music classes. This can be achieved when they learn musical instruments and songs that are culturally new to them. It could be anything from rocking out with a banjo and harmonica to singing Spanish and Mandarin nursery rhymes.

Aside from enhancing their musical talent, music lessons can boost your child’s self-confidence, improve their social skills, and broaden their cultural knowledge. If you feel music classes would make an interesting after-school activity for your child, go to a music school in Malaysia that brings out the best of their holistic development.

This article has been edited and accepted for publication in Jan 2017.