5 Awesome Ways Your Child can Benefit from Being Active

Your child’s everyday routine may be peppered with smartphone, studies and social media, but it’s also important to balance their physical well-being with an active lifestyle. From enhancing concentration to lowering stress and anxiety, the health benefits are endless when your family stays active outside of the daily grind.

At the Parents Settling In Day, Nexus received overwhelming interests and strong attendance from parents in the workshop titled ‘How an active lifestyle promotes learning?’. Inspired by The Nexus Way, the Nexus parents were enthusiastic in refining their role in getting their family into fitness. Aside from exploring the physical, emotional, mental and social benefits, the workshop also simplified the science behind active lifestyle and learning. The importance of quality sleep and the negative impact of late-night learning were emphasized in the workshop too. We all know that being active can promote your child’s learning and here are the benefits of being active together.

1. Boosts concentration
For a much-needed boost in your child’s brain health, exercising regularly is the best way forward. When your child is constantly on the go, it accelerates the production of chemicals that can significantly improve their mental well-being. By staying active, you will notice a surge in their mental alertness, memorization power, and thinking skills, which are important to improve learning in the classroom.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety
Every child faces some form of stress and anxiety on a day-to-day basis. Whether they are triggered by social pressure, schedule overload or exam preparation, exercising is a good way to cope with worries and unease. Just by stepping away from a stressful situation and embracing the outdoors can do wonders in adjusting your child’s mood and perspective. Apart from a change of scenery, practicing an active lifestyle improves your child’s heart rate, blood pressure, and energy level.

3. Increases social interaction
Socialising is a delightful way for your child to connect with their friends. Having an active lifestyle as part of their daily routine provide the opportunity to do so. Encourage your child to arrange a get-together to play any type of group sports with his or her friends. It can be anything from a team-based activity such as basketball, netball and futsal to a competitive sport such as badminton and tennis. Interacting with others will not only widen your child’s social circle, but it also fosters the spirit of team building and collaboration.

4. Improves sleep quality
It’s true that every child requires eight to ten hours of sleep to feel refreshed and rejuvenated the next day. If your child has been experiencing sleepless nights, get them to exercise regularly. Most fitness routines involve fast and repetitive body movements, which will tire your child’s body easily. Plus, being in the outdoors also allow their body to absorb natural sunlight, which your child can’t benefit when staying indoors.

5. Develops motor skills
Embracing an active lifestyle is also crucial to develop your child’s motor skills. When running, kicking or climbing, your child will experience a significant improvement in their hand movement, muscle strength, and fine motor skills. This practice is particularly important for Early Year learners as they begin to explore and discover through child-initiated play activities as well as develop their writing and number skills.

This article titled ‘5 Awesome Ways Your Child can Benefit from Being Active’ was published on Learning as You Parent by Nexus International School in Nov 2017. Kindly refer to this link to view from its original publication.

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