Why I Choose to Run a Business of Good Karma

Karma might sound hocus-pocus to you, but I believe in it – a lot.

After experiencing a series of good and bad karmic episodes in my life, it had impacted the way I lead my life and run my business. It’s true when they say you get what you give. Or, in the words of Justin Timberlake and the wise men before him: What goes around comes around.

The Karma that Changed Me

Many years ago, I joined a team as a young content writer. As a fresh-faced rookie with big dreams, I was thrilled to work with the Head of Content known for his wealth of editorial experience.

Being a rookie, I was also an easy target for my senior colleagues who bombarded my inbox with various content tasks to complete. I sucked it up, and do it anyway.

After a month of writing for the company, my stress level had reached its peak. It was mentally exhausting and following up on my senior task’s had become unbearable. When the Head of Content asked me to take part in a very important company event, I said: “No, I can’t”.

That was when he unleashed his demon’s fork.